The Lenton Seed

What to Do?  On a Sunday couple of weeks prior to Easter, have Cac Em fill up the cup with dirt and plan some seeds (watermelon, pumpkin, corn, honeydew, or canelope).  Once the seeds become plants, have them take the plants home on Easter Sunday and plant them in their parents garden.  When the plants yield fruits, have them bring back the fruits for everyone to enjoy or sell them to the Church for fund raising.

 Why planning Lenton Seed?  On Ash Wednesday, we placed ashes on our foreheads to remind us we come from ashes and someday will return to ashes.  It reminds us that everyone will die.  Without dying, we will not have new life.  Thus, the planning of the seed is a symbolic gesture that if the seed does not get bury (die), then it will not become a plant (have life), and thus we will not be able to enjoy it when it bears fruits (heaven)   :-)