School and Church Fire Safety


If you discover SMOKE or FIRE or hear the fire alarm in your school or Church:


  1. Before opening door, see if it is hot by placing the palm of your hand against it.
    1. If hot, remain in room.
    2. If you are on ground floor level, CAREFULLY exit through window, if possible.
    3. If on upper floor, call 911 and notify dispatcher of room number.
    4. Block entrance of smoke and heat into room by stuffing towels or blankets around door.
    5. Stay low near floor to avoid smoke and heat. Open window, DO NOT exit onto ledges.
    6. REMAIN CALM. Firefighters will get to you as soon as possible.


  2. If the door is cool, open slightly and check for smoke in corridor.
    1. If clear, proceed to nearest available exit (exterior door or stairwell).
    2. Stay low near floor to avoid smoke and heat.
    3. Close doors on your way out.


  3. If corridor is too smoky to reach stairway or exit, remain in room.
  4. When leaving building, get well clear of entire area.
    1. Proceed to the designated gathering-place and report to RA/Instructor/Supervisor for roster check.
  5. Dial 911 to get connect to the fire department.
  6. Pull the fire alarm, if not already sounding
  7. Notify other persons on your way out

Questions:  Asks them to identify all of the possible exits
                      they can use in Church/School in case of a firer.

                      Do they know where's the nearest firer extinguisher?