Activities Ideas:

    1. You can have the kids pair up to evaluate one another to see what's problem they have.

    2. You can have them use their scarf (khan quang) to stop bleeding.

    3. They can simulate performing CPR to one another.

    4. Use scarf to splint injury (arm, leg, or head).

    5. Use scarf to make a sling to hold broken arm.

    6. Let them have some fun and teach them how to transport their patient.
             -Use their shirts or sleeping bag to make a liter to transport the victim.
             -Pair up in a group of two for the fire man carry.
             -Pair up in group of three. Two people will interlock their arms together
               to carry the third person.
             -Pair up in group of five and let them figure out how they can transport one another.


If time permits, you can teach them about