Huynh Trưởng Calls Home

Tr. Lâm calls up one evening and Bé Việt answers the phone and whispers, "Hello?"

Tr. Lâm asks, "Can I speak to your mother?"
Bé Việt says, "No. She's busy." Tr. Lâm asks to speak to Bé Việt's father.
"You can't talk to him either," Bé Việt whispers. "He's busy too."

"Is there anyone else there I can talk to?" Tr. Lâm asks.
"My sister," Bé Việt  whispers, "but she's kinda busy too."

"What on earth are all those people doing?" Tr. Lâm asks. "I'm playing hide and seek, and they're looking for me!"